Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Hiatus...

I've decided to put this blog on hiatus for a while. I just don't have the time right now to keep up with it. I will add some of my fitness stuff into my regular blogs on www.nocryingmama.blogspot.com

Hopefully when my life calms down, I'll be able to start blogging here once again.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Can someone boost me back on the wagon?

I have fallen off the healthy eating wagon. I've been using pregnancy as an excuse to indulge a bit too much. I haven't thrown complete caution to the wind, but I definately have not been caring too much. I'm sure part of it is finally being able to eat again any time of the day and not feel sick!

I need to get back on the wagon though. I am on track to gain just 10lbs in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, and I want to keep on that track and have a healthier gain with this pregnancy. I realize as the baby's growth really takes off soon, I am looking at another 15-20lbs to gain. But if I'm not careful, it will be more.

I checked out www.mypyramid.com for their guidelines on pregnancy eating. First of all, it allotted me 2400 calories. Good Lord! That definately is more than I need to eat. It also recommended that I have 3 cups of vegetables a day, 3 cups of milk and 6.5 cups of meat. SO much food in my opinion. But gives me a good idea of what sort of balance I should have.

So, if someone could please slow the wagon down and give me a little boost--I need to get back on!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Just wanted to share I dragged myself out of bed at 6am on Saturday morning to go for a solo run and reclaim the "me" time! It was well worth it! It wiped away the rough run the day before.

I was able to do my 4 miles, at about a pace 30 seconds slower than pre-pregnancy. I will say that my back and legs were a bit more sore later that day, but it comes with the territory.

Right now, since I'm only able to run a few times a week, I really need it to be a time of physical, not emotional exertion! Honestly, my runs help me survive the craziness of life. I think I've decided we'll wait a bit on more bike rides. At least not when I'm trying to get an actual run in. That will make for a happier mama and happier girl. In the meantime I'll just huff and puff with the heavy jogger, dreaming of the day Miss Rose is in school or riding her bike and I can run just a tad faster with the new baby in it instead!

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Rough Run

I was so encouraged a few weeks ago when Miss Rose had such a successful first bike ride at the lake. I thought I had found a new trainer, an easier run, a seat in the stroller for the new baby. We've tried the bike twice since and both times have been rather disastrous.

The second time we took her bike, the day before had been her first soccer practice. She'd run all over the place and had been very excited. I honestly think her legs were tired and she was just tired that morning. We made it only a mile (and even that was a struggle) before turning around.

This morning I decided to try it again. Miss Rose had a nap yesterday, her tires were freshly pumped and she was pretty awake and excited about riding. That lasted all of 5 minutes.

Later on in the ride I decided that her tires were overinflated (not by their requirements, but for a still new rider) and for some reason her bike seat kept turning slightly. She almost fell several times--her bike ended up on the ground, but thankfully she never did. There was a near collision with another bike rider (adult of course).

And the tears, and the wailing. Miss Rose tries to ride really fast and her bike just isn't made for continual fast riding. That made it even worse. She didn't want to listen to my instructions to help her understand how to properely ride.

It became more of an issue of her having a bad attitude and refusing to change it. There were a few times I lost my cool a bit, but mostly I tried really hard to help her through it. I give in quite a bit to her fits, just because I can't handle them. I was so frusterated today, that I decided this would not be the day.

She was rested and didn't have sore muscles. She was just being a brat and complaining about every little thing. I KNEW she could do it. The first ride she did was 3.5 miles and she would have gone further had I let her. I decided we would do 3 miles today. I have her plenty of breaks and at one point a guy on a bike even stopped and lent us a tool to tighten her seat.

The last mile and a half she pretty much wailed the entire time. By then, I quit trying to reason with her. She knew her behavior was unacceptable and it was a behavior issue, because her bike was doing fine. The only time she had trouble was when she was paying more attention to crying and no to riding. Yes...I was that parent who had a wailing kid at the lake. It happens to all of us!

We had planned to go to Starbucks on the way home--if it was a good morning. Of course as we were arriving at the car, she all of the sudden had no more tears and was proud of her accomplishment. I reminded her that her attitude hadn't been good. After buckling in, she asked if we were going to Starbucks.

I said no, she hadn't had a good attitude, the ride took too long (Gracie needed a nap) and we weren't going. I was expecting the waterworks to start again. But she just accepted it and didn't say another word about Starbucks. She knew her behavior didn't warrant that treat.

I learned a good lesson too. I do need to stick to my word. Miss Rose is smart enough to know when she deserves something special and when she doesn't. It does no good if I give in.

This has been long...but I guess I just needed to talk it out. It was a rough run for me...and running is supposed to be my outlet. Maybe tomorrow. And hopefully, we'll keep working on this bike riding thing and get it figured out eventually.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Latest Running Accessory

Just thought I'd share with you the latest thing I've been running with...my growing belly!

Miss Rose took this for me after we returned from a 4-mile run. So I'm looking a bit rough around the edges and it's not a perfect picture, but not bad for a 4-yr old photographer!

I'm about 16.5 weeks. I definately feel like my belly has popped really fast, but I guess that's what happens when you are having your third. And I started this pregnancy about 10lbs lighter than the last, so I guess that could make it show faster too.

It's kind of weird to look down while I'm running and pushing the stroller and see my belly jetting out a bit. Pretty soon, it's going to be almost hitting the handlebar!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going Green

"Green" is one of the big buzzwords in many segments of life. Of course, referring to what is more natural, environmentally safe and better for our bodies. I'm all for going green and not harming ourselves and our environments to the best of our ability.

For me though, going green needs to refer to more vegetables. For all my exercise and health-conscious ways, I fail miserably at eating my daily veggies, and even at feeding them to my kids.

I do like vegetables. Of course, I probably like a good brownie or cookie more--but who doesn't. I've been known to eat a can of green beans for a snack, straight from the can with a little salt sprinkled on. I love peas. I enjoy salad and broccoli, squash, yams and more.

Yet, often I don't put the time and effort into preparing them. Sometimes, it's that I don't have the time. The other problem is that I'll buy veggies, but then I forget about them and they go bad and I throw away soft, moldly spoiled vegetables.

I know now more than ever, being pregnant, I need my vegetables. But still I fail. I bought a great spring lettuce mix at Costco last week--and two days later found mold growing in it. I intended to take it back, but by then it was the middle of my busy workweek and there just wasn't time. I had great intentions!

Then there is my kids, who hardly like anything green. Not that many kids their age do. I make Miss Rose eat peas and green beans. Gracie will eat peas most of the time. I know it just takes continued exposure--but that takes time! Which is hard for a working mom, who's taking a class, has a daughter in soccer and a husband who works a few nights a week.

I bought the new book about "hiding" vegetables in different food recipes, but I can't seem to find the time to actually make the recipes. Excuses, excuses, I know.

So, there is my confession for the week. How do you keep vegetables in your diet and your family's?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Solo Run

The girls got an invite for a sleepover at Grammie's house on Tuesday night so Bean and I had a rare night and morning at home without them. I missed them--but they have fun, so it's worth it.

The biggest treat for me was a solo run on Wednesday morning! It's been blazing, so exercise in the morning is the only option--especially since I overheat easily being pregnant anyways. Normally I can't go run on a morning I work. But I took advantage and got myself to the lake around 6:45am.

I had a glorious 4.5 mile run! And the best part was I completed it in 45:06--which is basically my pre-pregnant pace. I figured if I can run 4 miles with the jogger, I can definately finish 4.5 in a similar amount of time. I was pushing myself at the end and keeping track of every 1/2 mile, but it was so worth it!

What a treat it will be when my kids are all in school (which is now like 6 years away!) and I can drop them off and go for a solo run on days I don't work.

This has been a great exercise week for me. 3.5 miles monday, 20min of arms on Tues, 4.5 miles Wed, 20min of lower body on Thurs, and I plan to run again in the morning.

My favorite moment of my run was when I glanced to my side and happened to catch my shadow on a small hill--and it had a baby bump. If I felt like a freak running with a double jogger, imagine the looks I'm going to get as I start to show more and I'm still pushing the stroller. Bring it on!