Saturday, June 7, 2008


So the Mud Run was today. 6.2 miles. 3 big hills. 2 mud pits with walls to climb over. A small lake to walk/swim across. A final mud pit you have to crawl on your belly through.

Two years ago I did the race for the first time. I trained, but not all that much. I completed the course in 1 hr 32min. Not too bad. However this year, I trained a LOT more and focused on getting good on hills hiking/running some trails near my house.

It totally paid off. I completed the course today in 1 hr and 14min. probably would have been a few minutes less if we hadn't gotten caught in several "traffic jams" at bottlenecks along the trail. Somehow, I finished 18th in my age group (30-34).

My body definately felt the exertion today...which was good because it meant that I actually did push myself and perform at close to my maximum.

I am so happy that all the trainting paid off. It feels so good to have accomplished that...14 months after having a 2nd baby!

You can do it too!!!!!

I'll get some pictures posted soon....


Amy said...

Great job! Sounds like a lot of fun, and your time was great! I would love to see pictures of you covered in mud =)

Jaimie said...

That is AWESOME Corrina!!! Great job. You totally inspire me!!